Newton's Dream

Newton's Dream is a mobile VR puzzle platform game designing as my Capstone graduation project.

The Choice: VR Experience

This game was inspired by the Titmouse Studio and MonsterVR hackothon. The idea behind this game is a psychological experience that forces the user to make one end of game choice. Chose their child over a demon doppelganger child.

Training Video Game

Designed and developed a training 2D platformer using Unity and C# for Dragonfly Sushi and Sake employees to learn basic Japanese food terms. You can play the game by clicking on heart.Dragonfly Sensei
Chrome no longer supports Unity WebGL, Firefox and Edge still do!

Sensory Deprivation Game

Using a Leap Motion and 3D audio, this game omits vision and allows the user to utilize other senses for survival. It follows the narrative of transcendence into the cloud and fighting off Trojans and solving captchas to return to your body. I was the creative director for this project, and it was created for the 2016 SwampHacks competition.